R.G. Ladd Pty Ltd, Electrical Engineers and Switchboard Manufacturers were established in 1964 and over a period of forty years have successfully been involved in major works throughout Australia and Overseas.

Modform – Fully Withdrawable Motor Control Centre

Modform fully withdrawable motor control centres are the result of an extensive research and development program carried out by R G Ladd Pty. Ltd. to produce a motor control centre which offers efficient, centralised control with maximum safety.
Modform consists of one or more vertical sections with each section housing up to thirteen 30kW cells. Vertical cable zones, terminals and top or bottom cable entry points are provided at the rear or side of each section.
Modform complies with Australian and IEC Standards:


AS3439.1: 2002 (IEC 439) Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies

AS1939: 1990 (IEC 529) Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment (IP code)

Construction and segregation is to Form 2 and 3A, 3B and 4 the Bus-bars have a short time current rating up to 50kA for 3 seconds and 80kA for 1sec.

Unlimited internal arc fault containment verifi cation (to clause E6) and Protection verification to IP54.

Modform motor control centres have been tested to NATA registered and ASTA Certified Testing Laboratories and hold NATA and ASTA Test Certificates.

…‘Key features are safety, reliability, quality,
flexibility and accessibility…’





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